A Few Offerings

 Preparation for Proclamation (P4P)

P4P is a must do Boot Camp for everyone exploring or accepting the call to pulpit ministry. Before writing a sermon, participants get a realistic view of the landscape of the preaching ministry, and aspects of pulpit ministry including pulpit etiquette, manuscript preparation and practice preaching.

 The Making of a Deacons (8 consecutive weeks; 1 1/2 hour session)

For those being recommended for service as Deacon, this is a prerequisite for initial elevation and consideration for subsequent service. Considering the changing culture and the less enthusiastic change in the traditional church culture, this course helps the progressive church bridge that gap.

 What’s Your Style (Open to Women & Men)

Looking at four basic styles of leadership; identifying yours; learning to interchange the styles situationally to impact productivity and getting the most out of those you lead.

 Organizing by Spiritual Gifts

Leaders explore the spiritual gifts, personality and character associated with each, then given the opportunity to design a working model of their organization or church. Registration assumes a working knowledge of spiritual gifts and clarity of vision for your organization or church.  Inventory for discovering spiritual gifts isn’t included.   

 Faith & Finance  

The offering is a valuable tool for equipping individuals and families with a biblical vision for how the comprehensive healing of Jesus encompasses finances. You’ll learn basic, technical financial skills; build awareness of financial practices; avoid pitfalls on the way to financial health. Find peace, healing, and freedom in their relationship with God, others, themselves, and with their money.

 Women in Leadership/Find Your You (For Women Only)

Examining the leadership styles of women in scripture, women in history and contemporary leaders.  Comparing gender styles and the value of the female approach to leadership.

 The Power of Influence

With the title comes authority but not necessarily power.  The   effective leader understands the critical relationship between influence and success.   Learn to lead by influence and your team will venture where no one has ever dared to go.

 Biblical Approach to Leadership & Management

The secular philosophies of leadership and management often conflict with Christian values.  The content responds to the critical need for strong leadership and management within the business community and Christian organizations.

 Do You!  (Your Jeremiah 29:11 Destiny)

What God lays on your heart as a matter of concern or interest is an important piece of your puzzle. Your personality expresses itself in ministry. Your experiences shape you for ministry. Like a puzzle, the pieces of your life fit together to make a whole. Carefully and prayerfully looking at the pieces of your puzzle; each part of you affects the other parts and defines how God wants to use you and how you will serve. 

 Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines help us to practice the presence of God, enhances our ability to be attentive to the voice of God, and to follow the footsteps that are ordered by the Lord.  In these sessions we look at such disciplines as meditation, prayer fasting, study, submission, service, worship, and others.

 Effective Communication Skills

Although we have developed highly sophisticated electronic communication machinery, we still have problems with personal, face-to-face, and pulpit to pew communication. Recent studies conducted by Management Training Systems with numerous organizations, both Christian and secular, indicated that poor communication was their number one leadership and management problem.  A must do seminar for anyone in leadership. Preachers, this one is for you!

 The Team Spirit

Too many leaders would rather do it themselves to be sure to get it right.  Wrong!  Nehemiah had had laborers assigned according to their skill in the goal to rebuild the wall; Jesus had a team of disciples, each playing a role in the goal of Calvary; the Holy Spirit assigned gifts creating a team model in the body of Christ.  Vision; goal; buy-in, all ingredients for success.   

 The Biblical Model of Planning

Do you feel like the president or in charge of firefighting? Without proper planning things “just happen.”  Lack of proper planning puts the people of God (individuals and organizations) on the defense instead of offense.  Without preplanned actions, you get caught in react mode.  The Bible teaches how planning leads to success and victory.  “For which of you desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he/she has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when the foundation is laid and is unable to be finished, all who see it begin to mock him/her saying, “This person began to build and was not able to finish ….” Luke 14:28-33

 Social Networking: The New Word of Mouth

Everyone loves a good story, but the best story, even the Gospel, is virtually untold if no one hears it.  Word of mouth has always been the most effective marketing tool and the most valued endorsement. Social networking is the new word of mouth. Learn creative ways to use social networking as a tool to reach out (outreach) beyond the walls of the church (evangelize); tell your church’s dynamic story, share authentic experiences that will help and encourage others (testimony); small groups for teaching, study, devotional life, prayer, (making disciples); stay in touch with families of/and sick and shut in members; and so much more. You can now do ministry that was cost prohibitive in the past, and do it BIG!.  Your church’s ministry can grow as far as your imagination. This is a must do for every church that wants to have an effective ministry to the world.

 Seasonal Institutes

  • The Ten Commandments of Preaching

  • The Ten Commandments of Preaching (Women Only)

  • The Elisha Call (The Associate Minister)

 Discipleship: Meaning, Pathway, Cost & Rewards

The full scope of Jesus’ teaching about what being his disciple means; obedience, service, humility, taking up the cross. We’re not called to be members (although membership is great). We’re called to be disciples and to make disciples. Be fruitful and multiply. This seminar focuses on our responsibility, tasks and renews the joy to take on and recommit to the challenge of the Great Commission.