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It's Never Too Late
5/28/2018 10:22:17 AM by: C.L. Lawrence

        There’s a lengthy parable found in the gospel according to Matthew (Matthew 20:1-16). Typically, it’s presented as Jesus’ response to Peter’s question in Matthew 19:27. If you’re a Bible head, hold on and don’t get twisted. I’m going to use the parable as an analogy to illustrate something God wants us to know. 

The Parable of Laborers in the Vineyard paraphrased:

        The owner of an estate went out at dawn to hire workmen for his vineyard. After he and the laborers agreed to a stated compensation, they went off to work.  A few hours later, 9:00a, the estate owner saw others standing idle in the market place. He offered them a job. They agreed to a fair wage and off they went to work. Then again at noon, 3:00p, and 5:00p, the same scenario played out. Each time the men agreed to a fair wage and went to work. Note in the unabridged parable, the amount of the wages after the first group of men hired at dawn were not disclosed. There is also vague mention of the later groups hired couldn’t find work.

        At the end of the work day each worker was paid the same wage, the same rate as promised to the group hired at dawn.  The same wage regardless of the time he started or how many hours he worked. Of course, the guys who started work early in the morning protested and grumbled at the estate owner because they felt they should be paid more for working longer and having done most of the work. On the surface there seemed to be an injustice and most of us would have felt the same.

        We could talk about the negative, grumpy attitudes of the men who started at dawn, or the shame of the men being found idle and not working in the middle of the day. But the negative view is always the easiest to see and unprofitable.

        Like the estate owner, in God’s universe, it’s never too late. You may not have started out in life on point. Maybe you didn’t know what others knew or had access to the knowledge and resources others had. You may have gotten lost along the way, made poor decisions. You may not have been savvy and productive as those who got it all together early in life. Maybe real life set in and you got discouraged. Maybe you just missed the boat (or so you think).

        Pay attention because this is important. God is the estate owner, owner of the universe. God knows your story and he knows what you can bring to this life (his workplace). Like the estate owner in the parable, God doesn’t care what time it is, or how old you are, or why you weren’t there with the first group, or why you were idle. He just wants you to show up for work, no matter what time it is. There’s a job for you and there’s a payday. “It’s never too late.”  Just Thinking

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Mary From Virginia At 5/29/2018 1:44:03 PM

Sometimes we get so caught up in other people''s success that we forget how important we are to God''s plan. He has work for us no matter who we are. Thank you for reminding us. Many times people feel they have nothing to offer.

Dr. Don From At 5/28/2018 10:38:08 AM


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