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Light That Fuse, Baby
6/11/2018 12:00:01 AM by: C.L. Lawrence

     Have you ever watched a building implode? It’s a fascinating sight. Big, tall buildings with footprints of hundreds of thousands of square feet, many stories high, reduced to rubble in minutes, without debris flying. Everything is planned, time of day, season of the year, traffic and human activity in the area. Even the way the dust will move in the air is calculated according to projected direction and velocity of the wind on the day of the planned implosion. What’s so amazing is the phenomenal control over that which would be a total disaster without meticulous planning and execution.  What took months, maybe even years to plan and construct, with fuses lit on strategically placed dynamite, the structure is down in seconds. Even more fascinating is that it falls in on itself, swollowed up in a hole, without damaging other structures nearby – AND serves as additional foundation for the new structure to be built.

     There was a building constructed in Philadelphia many, many years ago. People marveled over the contemporary look of the building. Not long ago, the building was imploded and immediately a new one was built.  I felt a little sadness because I remembered the good feelings I had when the old building was constructed. It was the subject of interesting conversations, jokes and laughter at times. When it was imploded, I felt a bit like something was being lost. Then I did what I tell others to do. I said to myself, “Girl, get a grip on yourself.” A lot of planning and serious consideration, behind the scenes, went into the decision resulting in one building coming down and another going up in its place.

     Let’s look at life that way for a minute. Think of how we hold on tight to things, institutions and people. Things are good for their time but there comes a time when you need to let things go. They served their purpose. To hold onto them creates problems and expense. Have you noticed the self-storage companies that are all over everywhere. We not only hold on to stuff, we pay to do it. 

     Clothes become outdated. You still like the outfits but everyone knows it’s old stuff and that says something about you. I’m guilty in the 1st degree. I hold on to a style and get mad because I can’t get a new one of the old one. I don’t want to take the time to shop and learn to like a new style. That’s nuts. I admit that. Laugh at me if you want to, but what about you?

     More critical than clothing styles, or junk you hang onto, however, is the circle of people and circumstances around you. Is your circle of people outdated? Check on that. That’s not a mean thing to do. It’s mentally and spiritually healthy. Sometimes people come into your life for a time, a season, a purpose. They’re good for that time, but the meter may have expired. What about the circumstances around you? If you want circumstances to change you must do the work of changing the dynamics that create the circumstance. That brings us back to people again. Hmmm. I ain’t sayin’ nothin’. I’m just sayin’. (And I’m saying that with a smile, though it’s a serious thought.)

     The real is this. To change anything in your life for the better, you first have to change your mind; change the way you think about a thing. Just like the architect of skyscrapers, bridges, community developments, city planners, etc., you must decide (visualize) what you want the end result to look like, assess what you need and plan to make it happen. Whether baking a cake, building a city, or building a life, the principles are the same.  

     We’ve got the dynamite within to implode any old, useless, outdated, non-productive structures in our lives. Things that may have been good for its time, but the meter has run out on it. New structures need to be erected, new relationships built, new circumstances to enjoy. Like old imploded buildings, the past (lessons of joy and sorrow) serve as strength in the foundation for the future.

     Stir up the Spirit within. Light that fuse, baby. Let the sparks fly. Before the dust settles move quickly on your plan for reconstruction.

                          - Just Thinking!

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