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What You Allow Will Continue
12/31/2017 12:00:01 AM by: CL Lawrence

What You Allow Will Continue


You want change? Sometimes you just get fed up with the way things are.  You’re in a rut. You want change.  You’re waiting on change.  I got news for you. The rut you’re in is the reality you’ve created. Harsh words?  OK, try this.  Nothing is going to change unless you change it.  You can wait until the cows come home. By the way, they never come home on their own.  Too harsh?  OK, repeat these words. 

What You Allow Will Continue

     Think about the words pattern, rhythm, cycle.  Everything we do moves in a pattern or series of habits. Some we consciously put into place, others form involuntarily because of schedules, time demands, or even passed down.  Rhythm is the internal cadence, pace or beat we move to. Everyone’s rhythm is different.  Some people are wired like a hip hop beat, to be in energetic motion; keep it moving. Something inside needs to know, what’s happening next? Others are more like a somber symphony, laid back and just letting things flow.  Some people are comfortable on a cycle.  A cycle goes around and around. They require very little change.  They’re quite comfortable and secure with the same job, same routine, same route to work, things going the same way all the time.  They were born on 51st street and they’re content to die on 51st street.  Whichever space you fall into, it’s fine.  It’s good, until it doesn’t work for you anymore.  When it doesn’t work, it’s time for a change. But know this, nothing will change until you do something; until you make something happen; until you put things in place that will change the direction of things. What you allow will continue.

Don’t hide in the “I’m waiting on the Lord” excuse to be lazy.  Don’t be offended by the word lazy.  The fact is, some people are lazy.  They act as though waiting is inaction by which magic will occur.  If you’re not lazy, ok, but, I had to throw that in there.  Just don’t confuse “wait” with do nothing. 

Yes, there are three scriptures in the King James translation of the Bible that use the words, “wait on the Lord.” (Psalm 27:14; 37:34 and Proverbs 20:22).  If you read each chapter, in the context of each there is opposition against the manifestation of a promise of blessing.  The principle being taught is not to meet the opposition in human strength or mental anguish; not to worry about the wicked or seek vengeance against the enemy. That’s God’s job and he’s good at what he does.  He’s very well able to handle whatever is obstructing what’s intended for you. 

The word “wait” embodies “hope,” “faith,” and “trust.”  If you’re wanting something, expecting something, then put your trust in the Lord, put your hope in the Lord, put your faith in the Lord, as you prepare for the manifestation of the change you’re after.

What You Allow Will Continue

     The principle applies to everything.  If your kids are sloppy and you don’t address it, they’ll continue to be sloppy as adults.  What you allow will continue.  If you let the dog poop in the house, it will continue to poop in the house. What you allow will continue. Don’t continue to clean up the poop. Train the dog.  You must change what you do in order to change the situation.  If you allow yourself to be disrespected, you will continue to be disrespected.  If you allow yourself to be overlooked, you’ll continue to be overlooked.  If you ignore unpleasant and unsettling things in a relationship, it will continue.  What you allow will continue

       Stop waiting for a situation to change. It very well may change but probably not the way you want it to. You must put in motion, put energy and breathe life into the change you want. You have creative power.  Use it.  Stop waiting for someone else to change or some magic to happen (that ain’t gonna happen). You want change.  OK!  Change you.  Change the way you think.  Change your mind.  A decision is a powerful thing.  Stop expecting of others and expect of yourself.  Set a goal. Make a plan.  Focus.  Surround yourself with people that are doing what you want to do; who exemplify who you want to be.  Change you - or more precisely, find your authentic self, and DO YOU, because

What You Allow Will Continue

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