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Live as though you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as though you were to live forever.  – Mahatma Gandhi


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        Carol’s gift of teaching is inherent in the spectrum of her work (writing, training, spiritual leadership, ...).  Peeling back the layers of presuppositions and rote ideas, making difficult concepts simple, she engages the attention of her audience, inviting them into a safe space, a spiritual atmosphere of oneness, freedom to think and embrace new possibilities, a place to:
Believe  Belong  Become  Begin Again  
        “I’ve always believed every person is made in the image of God, a unique, individualized expression of God, therefore, unmatched in the beauty of their authentic self, and capable of expressing the qualities and nature of God.  We are responsible for our own evolution; our own becoming; free to be our highest and best self.” 

         With a love for lifelong learning, a commitment to excellence, and her characteristic “outside of the box” approach to thinking, Carol brings fresh air and challenging perspectives to every assignment.

        The self-described corporate survivor combines a 12-year tenure in corporate America, extensive training in adult learning, management and organization development with 30+ years in church leadership, biblical studies,  seminary education, and life experience. Having pastored churches across denominations and racial diversity has given her a respect for different styles of worship and a broad and inclusive theological perspective.

        Carol is a graduate of Cheyney University, Cheyney PA, Lutheran Theological Seminary @ Philadelphia, PA, and Eastern University’s Tony Campolo School for Social Change, PA (Paralegal Studies). 

aka ZseZse is:

Married 37 years, mother of two sons, one daughter, and four grandchildren, she loves Zumba, Line Dancing (even though she can’t keep in step), Sushi and Great Danes.


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