Women @ The Well

With joy we draw water from the wells of salvation


A Well gives access to the water that runs deep beneath the surface of the earth.  To reach this life sustaining resource you must dig. Water, while symbolic of the Word of God, The Well offers the reflective imagery of gathering at the well drawing for the deep things of God, the sustenance of life that runs beneath the surface.

When women gather, we draw from the deeper place, from beneath the surface of things to find the life-giving truths to sustain us.  When women gather @ The Well, we learn, share, teach give, and love,

 When women gather, we give birth to ourselves as new creations; reproduce after our own kind in our daughters, granddaughters, all women in the earth; our sons, grandsons, and all men of the earth; in all who love life, desire to live in the Universe of Wisdom, wholeness and abundance. When women gather we draw water from the deep and pour out nourishing the earth.