Spiritual Development Mentor, Intuitive Channel


I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think. – Socrates

Intuitive Channel (Transcendent Whispers), Blogcaster, (Just Thinking w/The Masters), published author, popular podcast guest

Carol guides you to your higher self, through the path of higher.consciousness.

Carol is the creator of “Divine Breath,” a global online community for spiritual seekers, evolving consciousness, and theosophical thinkers.

Carol’s thought-provoking metaphysical teachings in higher consciousness and mindset mastery encourages you to explore new and empowering ways of thinking, and shedding limiting assumptions.

Carol brings a broad and inclusive theological perspective to her teachings, informed by her 12 years in corporate America and 30+ years in church leadership, including her time as a in three racially diverse denominations, biblical studies, and postgraduate seminary education. She incorporates universal laws, biblical stories, sacred texts, and wisdom writings into her work, presenting a contemporary, life-affirming, spiritually logical, intensely practical, and positive perspective on life.

As a YouTube content creator and social media host, Carol provides a variety of theosophical experiences, including

Her distinctive approach to spiritual development, combined with her extensive background in adult learning, management and organization development, inspires and motivates entrepreneurs and forward thinkers alike to their “next best level.”

Carol loves Sushi, Great Danes, and trying to keep up with the steps in line dancing.

Carol is a graduate of: