The place where thinkers & seekers of high consciousness
gather to be inspired and to inspire others.
A place to know the truth of yourself as a unique expression of God.
An inclusive and welcoming online membership community
teaching/healing place, renewing minds, opening hearts and transforming lifes.
Where diversity is celebrated as everyone holds equal value in the eyes of God
regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation,
 or any other worldly identification that tries to separate us.
THE WELL is a place to experience the
simplicity of spirituality.

The goal in discussing New Thought beliefs is not to convert or ”save” anyone, nor is it to try to prove one is “right” or the other “wrong.”
The goal is to inform, educate, and share the beauty of practical spiritual living.
The Infinite Intelligence within all people will know if the teachings of Science of Mind is right for a particular person.

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