What People are Saying


A breath of fresh air.

- Jonathan Butler, Baltimore, MD

“Dr. Lawrence brings such energy, passion, and commitment to the room when she teaches; she makes you want to learn.  Her enthusiasm is infectious.”  

- Linda Olzey, Cherry Hill, NJ

“Working with her over many years I’ve always been amazed at her level of vision, energy and enthusiasm.”

- Rev. Dr. D.S. Medley, Change Ministries, Inc.

“Ruthlessly compassionate.” 

- Emmie Wallace, Norristown, PA

 “Her work is thorough, detailed, and seamless.  She has a gift to make the most difficult concepts seem easy.  She preaches the same way.”

- Rev. Annetta Claxton, Washington, DC

“Her leadership style is so smooth and encouraging.  Dr. Lawrence can correct you and make you feel good about it.“

– Yolanda Black, Clayton, NJ

“Excellent teacher. Excellent preacher.”

– Bishop Millicent Hunter, Philadelphia, PA

“I’ll never forget a preaching seminar led by Dr. Lawrence.  She taught how to write sermons from the pew perspective; asking the question almost line by line, What did the person in the pew just hear?”

– Rev. Keith Jerome Cole, Dayton, Ohio

“Dr. Carol Lawrence is a true professional who aims for perfection in all she does.  I describe her with 3 P's: Pride in her work, Persistent, and Perseverance”

– A.S. Malone, BA, Mental Health Professional

“In her Homiletics seminar the assignment was to write four different sermons on the text each participant chose.  It was hard work but well worth it; teaching us to think, dig and not regurgitate.”

– Rev. Dr. Michael Wilson, Roanoke, VA

“Being in her class is an adventure.  You can’t just sit and listen because she takes you into the lesson.  Dr. Lawrence paints a picture, creates a scene and puts you in it.  You learn by experience. “

- Rev. Dr. Kenneth Sylvester Clemson, South Carolina

“Dr. Lawrence took time to understand our vision then communicated it to the leadership team such that it became realistic as they could see themselves in it.  She doesn’t tell you; she leads you to discovery.  Awesome approach.” 

– Kevin Dorsey, Shared Medical Systems, Malvern, PA

“I go whenever I hear she’s doing a women’s event.  She gives everyone their dignity, helping them understand who they are in the body of Christ according to the scriptures.  When it’s over you feel strong and empowered.  I love her because she isn’t a Rah! Rah! motivational speaker.  She gives you tools in the Word of God and coaches you in making a plan to go forward.”

- Deborah Ashcar, East Norriton, PA

“The thing I like most about Dr. Lawrence is that you don’t have to agree with her but she WILL make you think.  She points out different perspectives and leaves you with that. I’ve changed my mind a few times from seeing things from a broader view.”

– Rev. Karen Peters, Pittsburg, PA


 Dr. Carol Lawrence is truly a woman of wisdom with regard to her teaching. I was inspired by the way she presented information with such clarity. Her ability to communicate subject matter and words of motivation through media is outstanding.

- A. Simone Malone, Manager / Producer, FMHDMS Radio, LLC, Philadelphia, Pa.