Meet Carol

Informed by the Word. Empowered by the Holy Spirit. Committed to Excellence. Carol is the founder, consultant, course designer and lead trainer at Lawrence Seminars, Inc., embracing the vision and value of creating a culture of excellence through biblical principles.


Lawrence Seminars are exceptional learning and training experiences uniquely designed to equip you with the powerful insights, empowering principles, and effective tools needed for personal, spiritual, professional growth and development in ministry and beyond.

Women At The Well

Women at the Well is a unique gathering of women distinguished by a thirst for more …. Receptive to the Holy Spirit, unafraid to think new thoughts, look further, and dig deeper, into the Word of God for their more.

Just Thinking

Blogs and Blog Casts on this -n- that! Meditations, devotions, & commentary on contemporary issues that matter. Special podcast excerpts from “jazz Divine,” a contemplative worship space. Tired of reading? Then sit back and listen. I’ve even taken notes for you. You’ll love it.

C.L. Lawrence

Live as though you were to die tomorrow. Learn as though you were to live forever
– Mahatma Gandhi

Greetings from C.L. Lawrence

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